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This is why you’re my favorite.

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I hurt my wrist when I was stretching somehow and I LITERALLY JUST BLEW ON IT BECAUSE I THOUGHT THAT WOULD HELP

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treat other ladies like leslie knope treats ann perkins 

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Anonymous: I always wondered when people say they lift, do they mean like real lifting or can it also be more like dumbbell and kettlebell lifting? Will dumbbell/kettlebell workouts lower your body fat% too or should i go to the gym to start "real" lifting?



Using dumbbells and kettlebells is just as much ‘real lifting’ as using a barbell, as I guess you’re refering to. I use ‘lifting’ for resistance training with weights - and how that weight is shaped is irrelevant. Unless you’re doing crossfit, powerlifting, olympic lifting or another sport where barbells are required, they’re not necessary :)

I used to only stick to the machines in the gym because I wasn’t sure what I was doing with the free weights. I felt “safer” on the machines and assured that this was the only way not to injure myself. 

Then I had a few PT sessions and she only used free weights, that week I bought How To Lift Like a Goddess and decided that I wanted to do more free weights. I then took a few kettlebell classes so I could get familiar with those too. 

I haven’t been on a machine is 18 months, doesn’t mean I wont again, but right now I enjoy the free weights. I do cardio then move onto a 45 minute ish set of kettlebells, dumbell and barbell and bodyweight exercises. On the machines I could lat pull 70kg and leg press 110kg, but now I stick to smaller weights because it suits me.

There is a LOT of snobbery about free weights versus machines and which is the best / most professional / right way to lift.The truth is its all bullshit, do what you enjoy, do it safely and dont be afraid to do a variety of everything at different times and intensities. 

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"how can you drink hot coffee in the middle of summer?"

fire cannot kill a dragon

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I just found peanut butter in my iPhone case.


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