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Anonymous: I know we supposed to drink up to 8 cups/ 2 liters a day right,? And would that be equivalent to 4 reg 19.9 oz water bottles.?

I think that’s a question for google… I am not a mathematician. 

Also it’s not up to, it’s at least 8 cups (64 ounces). I have to drink 10-12 a day.

10:13 pm  •  21 July 2014
Anonymous: Would it be okay to add Crystal Light flavoring to water? or should i just drink it plain..

I’d try to just drink it plain, or make some tea with stevia or something. I can’t remember what all is in Crystal Light, but I know it’s a lot of artificial stuff. If you ever aren’t sure about something, a good tool I like to use is fooducate.com :)

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Anonymous: Do you like your boobs?
10:09 pm  •  21 July 2014