Don’t get so caught up in trying to live the “healthiest” and longest life possible that you forget to LIVE.

Staying in good health isn’t an end in and of itself. The PURPOSE of living in a healthier body is the ability to DO more with it. Love more. Play more. Use it for good (or mischief, you little buggers). Getting a fitter body is about more than just HAVING one. You gotta put it to good use.

It’s super easy to fall in love with healthy living: it’s addictive, it’s fun and the benefits are wicked. But if you’re spending more time in the gym than with the people you love or have become so restrictive with your eating that there is no room for spontaneity or JOY, you may want to re-prioritize.

Healthy living = healthier bodies. Healthier bodies = the ability to DO more for longer. Doing more, for longer = the MAIN purpose of healthy living. Don’t forget it.

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A healthy life means balance!

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April 16 Workout

Okay so I’ve been slacking big time on posting my workouts lately (or anything personal for that matter). I’ve been way too busy for my own liking… Buuttttt today I was a beast even though I was sore from my body pump class yesterday.

45 min boxing class (you guys… I outboxed two Army dudes in addition to all the other people in the class. NBD.)
Elliptical for 20 mins on level 5

I ate so much broccoli, chicken and Greek yogurt for dinner afterward. Ahhhmazing. I really need to have a good stretch session though.

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