Anonymous: Hi, I'm trying to loose weight by eating healthy and exercising. To get to my goal weight I should be eating 1200 calories a day. 5 days a week I either go for a run and burn off a certain amount of calories, do I then eat 1200 calories plus what I've burnt off exercising or stick to 1200 calories? Sorry to annoy you I'd just find it useful to know as I've previously suffered from anorexia and don't want to put my body through that again:) xxx


WOAH THERE! Who said you should be eating 1200 calories???? 1200 calories is not enough for ANYONE! Not even a child should be eating 1200 calories! I don’t know where you got that number from but it is NOT NEARLY enough for you, even if you are trying to lose weight. You should be eating your BMR x your activity level. I’m not sure of your height and weight but trust me, it’s impossible you need 1200 calories, you need much more even when trying to lose weight. You’re starving your body. In my FAQ I have a fitness tips page all the way at the bottom and it tells you how to work out how many calories your body actually needs to survive. If you work that out it will tell you how much you should be eating. Then after you get that BMR x activity level number you deduct 200-500 calories from said number (don’t ever eat below your BMR, very bad, so make sure if your BMR is 1500 you don’t eat below your BMR, even if deducted 500 is below, never eat below your BMR) and then that’s how many calories you should be eating to lose weight. But if you’re not deducting 500 from your calorie needs then you can just stick to your BMR x activity level - max. 500 calories, just make sure you always eat at least that number. Hope this makes sense xx

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